20 Ways To Use Struesli

20 Ways To Use Struesli


Since Struesli doesn't contain any added sugars or sweeteners, it is the most versatile granola you'll find. It's not limited to only sweet applications. How do you Strue? 

20 Delicious Ways To Enjoy Struesli

  1. As a nutritious topper for yogurt. This is one of the most popular ways to enjoy Struesli, as it adds wonderful crisp texture and even more nutrition to yogurt. Try Original Struesli over any favorite Greek or plant-based yogurt, and try Cacao + Coffee Struesli over a berry or lemon yogurt flavor for ultimate contrast, or try something new like a Savory Yogurt Bowl

  2. A crunchy addition to oatmeal. Make your morning bowl of oatmeal, overnight oats, or baked oatmeal a lot more interesting by adding a sprinkle of Struesli on top. 

  3. Sprinkled over avocado toast. Since Struesli doesn't contain any added sugars, you can add it to savory foods, such as the ultimate avocado toast. We find that a sprinkle of crispy-nutty Struesli is the perfect complement to tender toast and creamy avocados for a brain-boosting breakfast all around. 

  4. A delicious crispy topping on toast with nut butter. By adding Struesli, you can turn plain ol' peanut butter toast into "fancy toast". Add some jam or a few slices of banana or strawberries and you've got a restaurant-worthy breakfast made with ease. 

  5. A layer in parfaits. Struesli lends itself so well to parfaits, such as this Anytime Parfait, by creating crunchy-crisp layers that taste so good next to fruity and creamy layers. 

  6. Added to baked goods, like muffins, cookies, and breads. Struesli is like a better-for-you and done-for-you streusel topping that you can easily sprinkle on top of muffin batter or bread batter before baking. Or roll unbaked cookie dough into Struesli before baking for some of the best cookies you've ever tasted. Try it in these Double Chocolate Banana Muffins with Struesli
  7. A topping on pancakes or waffles. Once you taste Struesli sprinkled over pancakes or waffles, you'll never settle for plain maple syrup again. The variety of textures and subtle sweetness makes for a delicious breakfast bite.

  8. As a healthy snack on the go. The reusable cylinder canisters that hold Struesli make it easy to toss this grain-free granola into your bag for on-the-go healthy snacking. Enjoy Struesli when traveling, when out on hikes, on road trips, or anytime you need a delicious energy boost. 

  9. Sprinkled over salads. Add the ultimate yum-factor to any salad with a sprinkle of Struesli, which can turn any veggie salad into a more nutritious and interesting meal with the addition of new textures, healthy fats, and the perfect touch of salt. 

  10. Added as a topping for soups. Creamy soups, such as a tomato bisque or butternut squash soup, are especially delicious with the addition of Struesli. 

  11. Enjoyed over fresh berries. Whether you try chocolate-covered strawberries dipped in Struesli or simply sprinkle Struesli over a bowl of fresh berries, you'll find that strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries have met their perfect match with this Granola Redefined. 

  12. A topping over sliced apples. We think these Apple Nachos are a fun and sweet way to pair crisp Struesli with sweet and crunchy apple slices.  

  13. A delicious addition to cottage cheese. For a delicious, high-protein meal or snack, try creating a trendy cottage cheese bowl that's topped with sweet toppings (such as chopped fruit or a dollop of fruit preserves) or savory toppings (such as diced tomatoes, cucumber, and herbs). Then, bring it all together with a sprinkle of Struesli on top. 

  14. Over a bowl of ice cream. Who needs sprinkles when you've got Struesli? Add a health boost to your next bowl of ice cream by adding a dash of this crunchy grain-free granola on top. 

  15. The best topper for power bowls. Grain bowls, such as this Quinoa Power Bowl, or grain-free bowls have never been better. In addition to toppings like roasted veggies, sprouts, and avocado, top it all off with the ultimate power-providing ingredient: Struesli. 

  16. In energy bites recipes. No-bake treats like these Maca Bliss Energy Bites, are nutrient-packed healthful snacks that come together so quickly when you make them with Struesli. Keep a batch on hand to beat that mid-day slump. 

  17. As a crunchy topper for smoothies. You may think smoothies should be, well, smooth. But if you haven't tried adding a crunchy topping to your smoothie, whether it's a smoothie bowl or sipped through a wide straw, then you're missing out on something spectacular! 

  18. An update to classic snacks. Elevate standard ants on a log by ditching the raisins or chocolate chips and topping celery sticks and peanut butter with Struesli instead. Or, for the ultimate easy and delicious bite, 

  19. The simplest trail mix. Simply add your favorite dried fruit and perhaps some dark or white chocolate chips to your canister of Struesli, and you have the easiest and most nutrient-dense trail mix ready to you. 

  20. As a muesli replacement. You can simply enjoy Struesli in a bowl with your favorite dairy or plant-based milk. Eat it with a spoon for an enjoyable cold cereal breakfast. 

When you realize the versatility of a healthful product like Struesli, the sky is the limit for all the ways you can enjoy it and incorporate it into your day. 

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