So, What Is Struesli? It's Not Really Granola

So, What Is Struesli? It's Not Really Granola

When you taste Struesli, your eyes widen, your taste buds awaken, and your senses all try to figure out what is this curious new thing I'm experiencing?! It's not sweet, but it's not totally unsweet. It's not crunchy, but it is crispy. It's not oats and grains, but it is satisfying. 

We've seen it time and time again ... someone tries Struesli for the first time and is a bit taken back by the new and wonderful taste explosion. They try to place it ... is it granola? Is it a topping? Is it trail mix? Then, they start to digest all the possibilities of this wonderful new food. In that way, Struesli really stands in a category all its own. Though it may be most comparable to granola, it's not really granola.

Struesli Is ... Granola Redefined 

While you may have tasted each of the individual ingredients inside Struesli on their own, the combination of tiger nuts, pecans, walnuts, coconut, chia, flax, and hemp hearts come together to create something that is so versatile that it can be many things as once. Struesli can be

  • a nutritional topper used to boost the health of yogurt, cottage cheese, oatmeal, soups, and salads
  • a mix-in added to pancake and muffin batters, parfaits layers, and baked goods 
  • a snack that can be enjoyed as a whole food right from the canister
  • a condiment that can add that perfect flavor boost to avocado toast, fruit, power bowls, and smoothies

Struesli Is ... The Ultimate Pantry Clean Out

Because Struesli can be so many things, you can finally clear out your pantry of all the extra nutrition toppers that have gathered there over the years. Think about it ... you may have gotten used to pulling out all the little baggies and containers of nuts, chia, flax, hemp hearts, green powders, and more to add a boost to your yogurt and smoothies. But now a single tube can replace all of that. What you get in Struesli is the health topper you want with the taste you crave, plus a much cleaner pantry!

Struesli Is ... All The Things You Want; None Of The Stuff You Don't

One of the reasons we like to refer to Struesli as Granola Redefined is because it takes all those great qualities of granola, but leaves behind the things that are less desirable. People love granola because it has a crunchy texture and delicious flavor. You still get those things from Struesli but you don't get the added sugars, processed oils, and grains that are typical in granola, but that many people are trying to avoid. Granola has a health aura to it, and Struesli has redefined granola to finally live up to that aura. 

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