Truth In Numbers: The Sugars In Granola

Truth In Numbers: The Sugars In Granola

Granola has a health aura to it, which is why many people are surprised to learn just how much sugar is in many of the mainstream and "natural" granola brands you can buy. Even granola brands that boast "no added sugar" on the label almost always still contain some form of artificial or natural sweetener added in. 

When selecting a granola for your breakfast, snacks, and using in recipes, you do have many choices. But you don't have many choices when it comes to granolas that don't contain added sugars or sweeteners of any kind and still taste great ... until now.   

Added Sugars In Granola - A Comparison

Here's a look at the carb, fiber, total sugars, added sugars, and sweeteners used in many mainstream and better-for-you natural granolas.  

all numbers are reflective of a 1/4-cup serving size

In A Category All Its Own 

As you can see, Struesli stands in a category all its own, being one of the only granolas you can buy that doesn't contain any added sugars or sweeteners of any kind! You'll also notice that Struesli contains more fiber and fewer total sugars than any other granola. When it comes to granola that's good for you in all ways and tastes great, too, it's gotta be Struesli! 

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